About Us

Sanco Tooling is a NZ owned and operated company. Sanco Tooling has been in its current ownership since 2002. Pat and Sue along with Craig and Leanne have owned and operated the company in this time. The roots of this company go back to C&R Sanders and then Sanco Ltd. 

Sanco Tooling sharpens and manufactures tooling for the woodworking industry. As the business has grown we have found ourselves doing business in many other industries across New Zealand. 

We Sharpen Sawblades, Buzzer and Thicknesser Knives, Solid Profile cutters, Profile knives, Router Bits, Tips , Spiral cutters

We manufacture in our factory, Cutterblocks, TCT Cutters, Profile Knives, All types of Blades, Spiral Cutters, Compression Cutters.

We Design and work with our European manufactures on many tooling solutions for CNC Routers, CNC Moulders.

Our workshop is comprehensive with a CNC lathe, CNC Milling machines, CNC grinders, CNC saw sharpenng. 

Our aim is to import directly from manufacturers in Europe and cut out the middleman - that way we can provide our imported products at the best possible prices.

We look forward in answering any questions you may have.