Welcome to Sanco Tooling Ltd

Sanco Tooling Ltd is a company that specializes in the Manufacture, Supply and Sharpening of tooling for primarily the Woodworking industry. However many other industries also use our services i.e Aluminium, Printing, Engineering, Recycling.

Sanco Tooling is privately owned and has been operating under the current ownership since 2002. However the roots of Sanco Tooling go back over 60 years from C&R Sanders to Sanco (NZ) Ltd and finally to Sanco Tooling. Sanco Tooling has operated from its current premises since 2004.


Sanco Tooling manufactures cutterblocks, solid profile cutters, Profile knives, blades, knives, chippers. We specialise in custom manufacturing. We operate CNC equipment and along with many years experience pride ourselves in producing a quality product. Contact Us to enquire about your custom manufacturing needs.


Sanco Tooling primarily supplies tools that cut wood. We attend trade shows throughout the world to ensure only quality products are sourced. We deal directly with manufactures and import direct to ensure the best prices and best quality are achieved for our customers.

Products include: Knife Steel, Sawblades, routerbits, Compression Cutters, Spirals, CNC tools, Tungsten Tips. Drills, Feed rollers, Chippers, Grinding Wheels, Jointing stones,


To complete the full service we sharpen and service all the products we supply and manufacture. These include sawblades, knives, guillotine blades, solid profile cuttes, spiral cutters, profile knives, routers.

Chances are that if you are a joiner, timber machinest or sawmill and have been in the woodworking industry for a number of years, then you have more than likely used our services before. If not then you might be surprised what we have to offer.