Sanco Tooling Offers a Full Sharpening Service for the Woodworking Industry.

We also sharpen in the Aluminium Window, Plastics, and Engineering Industries.


Sawblades - Tungsten Tipped, All sizes and tip configurations, Alternate Bevel, Triple Chip, Hollow Face

                  - All sawblades ultasonically cleaned. Sharpened on our Vollmer machines in oil to ensure a sharp edge.

Buzzer and Thicknesser Blades - Sharpened in sets, High Speed Steel or Tungsten

Profile Knives - CNC Sharpened in many cases. Superior Finish

Solid Profile Cutters - CNC Sharpened. In a perfect cutting circle

Router Bits - All sizes and shapes

Spiral Cutters - Sharpened in the gullet so diameter change is minimal. On our CNC machines

Drills and Tips - TCT drills, HSS drills, TCT profile tips

Guillotine Blades for the engineering, plastic and recycling industries. Can sharpen up to 4.5M

 Hole saws, Slitting Saws, Jiffy Saws, Cold Saws, Bandsaws, Rotor Broaches. Mortice Bits